Orthodontics for Teens

Teen Orthodontics Adelaide SA

Adolescence is the perfect period for straightening your child’s smile…

During adolescence, your child’s jaws are still developing until around 17-19 years of age. An adolescent’s teeth are much easier to move as the jawbone has not set to its permanent position. At Victoria Park Dental Specialists located in Eastwood, West Beach and Barmera, we understand that adolescence is a difficult time even without orthodontic treatment. This is why your orthodontist will discuss their treatment options in detail so they become part of the process and feel better about receiving orthodontics.

Dr Helen McLean and Dr Sara Roberts are recognised amongst their peers and colleagues for their dedication to helping patients of all ages achieve the best possible results.

Is your teen hesitant about receiving their treatment?

It is important to discuss their treatment plan openly in a language they understand. At Victoria Park Dental Specialists we will always take the time to help put their treatment plan into perspective by highlighting the benefits of their recommended treatment:

  • If aesthetics are their main concern, we will generally (after understanding your budget) recommend either a more discreet treatment such as Invisalign, which uses clear aligner tray technology or show them the kind of results they can expect with our gallery.
  • If playing a brass or woodwind instrument is a concern we can easily suggest appropriate mouthpieces or give advice on playing an instrument with braces. Generally, it can be difficult at first but it will become easier with time.
  • If they are worried about the braces or aligners causing discomfort, any pain experienced over the first few days will generally go away within a week.

Our orthodontic treatments suitable for adolescents…

In order to recommend which treatment will provide the best results, your orthodontist will assess your child’s condition by conducting a thorough examination of their teeth and jaws. These treatments may include:

Invisalign Clear Aligners

This treatment is great for teens who are especially self-conscious about their smiles and wish to opt for a more discreet ‘virtually invisible’ treatment.

Traditional Braces

This treatment is very cost-effective and has been around for over 100 years for one simple reason: they work.

Clear Braces

We are able to use ceramic or ‘clear’ brackets to hold the wires in place which is more aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to find out more about our treatments or to book an appointment, please contact our friendly staff today on (08) 8373 1363.