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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Adult braces, its benefits, and the top 10 reasons why adults are opting get them

Gone are the days where braces were only meant for children and teenagers. Today, there is more embarrassment associated with crooked teeth and an awkward smile than having braces for a year or two.

With all the technological advancements made in dental and orthodontic treatments, more and more adults are opting for braces to help straighten their teeth and perfect their smile. Over the years, these treatments have been developed to be more discreet, comfortable, easy to use and maintain, making them more popular amongst adults.

With the stigma surrounding adult braces slowly disappearing, there are many more adults feeling confident enough to get braces but if you’re still unsure if this treatment is worth it, then check out our top 10 reasons why adults are opting to get braces!


Braces are one of the most effective and efficient ways to straighten your teeth to give you a more appealing smile. However, they are not only important for your physical appearance, but for your dental health as well.

Straighter teeth can:

  • Help improve your biting, chewing, and speaking

  • Contributes to healthy gums

  • Is easier to brush, floss, and clean in general

  • Improve your bite (malocclusion) which can cause head and face pain

  • Decrease the chances of injury (protruding teeth are easily broken or knocked out)


A lot more people are beginning to understand the importance of having straighter teeth and how it can help their dental and overall health.

Here’s why more and more adults are getting braces:

  1. Straighter, happier smile: Your teeth will be straighter in appearance and will be overall healthier and happier.

  2. Crooked teeth cause problems: Crooked teeth can be difficult to clean because you can miss the spaces where the teeth overlap or in between the gaps. These are the places where plaque and tartar will begin building up. This could lead to cavities, gingivitis, or periodontal disease (gum disease). Straighter teeth means fewer missed spaces and will make effective cleaning much easier so you can avoid any serious dental diseases and problems.

  3. Teeth can move: Most people think that once they reach adulthood, their teeth will not move or change for the remainder of their lives, however this is a misconception. Teeth can move at any age for a variety of reasons ranging from injury to a range of health condition. This means that your teeth can become crooked at any point in your life.

  4. Avoid pain: Crooked teeth or malocclusion (an underbite or overbite) can cause pain in your mouth and jaw. The pain can also radiate causing headaches, earaches, facial, jaw, and neck pain making you uncomfortable and can start to interfere with your quality of life.

  5. Improve your overall health: Crooked teeth or an incorrect bite can make biting and chewing difficult, which could lead to gastrointestinal problems. People who experience difficulty eating will either avoid it or eat as little as possible which could end up causing health issues.

  6. It’s easier: Braces have evolved over the years to quicken treatment time, be more comfortable, and less noticeable. Whereas in the past, braces often hurt a patient’s mouth and can make every day activities like eating or speaking difficult to do. These days braces are designed to make life easier while straightening your teeth. Some of the braces options also require less maintenance which means less orthodontist visits.

  7. More affordable: With all the developments in orthodontics, braces and other teeth straightening options are now more affordable for everyone.

  8. More options: Today, there are a wide range of teeth straightening options to choose from. Each one is designed to help effectively straighten your teeth which means that you can choose a treatment to suit your lifestyle.

  9. More discreet: The braces options of today are more discreet than ever before. The braces are smaller and there are clear or tooth coloured options available making them less noticeable. Look at our Invisalign treatment for a more discreet option!

  10. Now quicker results: Most new orthodontic treatments have advanced to achieve results much quicker. Meaning that you can get your results in a much quicker time!


More and more adults are now opting for braces to help straighten their teeth and give them a straighter, happy smile. Adult braces are now more comfortable and less noticeable, so you can carry on living your best life while undergoing orthodontic treatment and getting your teeth straightened.

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