At what age should your child visit the orthodontist?

Set your children up for a good dental future by having our orthodontist perform an early intervention orthodontic assessment on them.

While your child may not be old enough to receive full orthodontic treatment, our Victoria Park Dental Specialists will be able to examine and assess the condition of their teeth and any dental issues they may experience. These early orthodontic consultations begin with a mild approach, including monitoring your child’s teeth as they erupt and form structure, enabling the early discovery of dental concerns which can make them easier to treat before they become more severe.

This approach can help manage and reduce the need for potential orthodontic treatment with braces and other devices, and even tooth extraction later on in their lives.

Familiarise your child with our practice and teach them importance of dental hygiene

It’s perfectly normal for children to feel nervous about their first orthodontic appointment. By bringing them in at a younger age we can help familiarise them with our welcoming practice and dental care, and our friendly staff can help to make them feel at ease.  We strive to eliminate as much anxiety as possible for each patient and will make sure that we teach your children about the importance of caring for their teeth in a fun, comfortable and educational way.

Avoid future dental problems

Early intervention orthodontics can help discover dental problems at their onset. Allowing your child’s teeth to develop out of place can affect daily functions like eating and speaking. If left untreated, minor concerns can grow into major problems in the future. Serious dental issues such as alignment problems and jaw-related complications may be prevented or the time needed to correct them can be reduced.

There are a number of things we address in your child’s orthodontic appointment:

  • The alignment and development of their jaw
  • The position and formation of their teeth
  • The size of their dental arches
  • Assessment of their dental habits

If these concerns are addressed at an early age there is often a better chance of avoiding later orthodontic care. Having a straight smile not only appears more aesthetically pleasing but it also helps the function of your mouth, as well as your teeth being much easier to clean.

Let Victoria Park Dental Specialists help your child with their orthodontic needs

At Victoria Park Dental Specialists we believe that the ideal age to bring your child in for an orthodontic assessment is when they reach seven years of age. Around this age, our team can often gain a thorough understanding of your child’s possible future needs. However, if you are concerned about your child’s teeth before this age we encourage you to come in earlier for an assessment. Some key indicators are prolonged thumb sucking, a protruding jaw or a misaligned bite.

Our highly experienced team, led by our orthodontist Dr Helen McLean, will assess your child’s smile and recommend treatments individually tailored to their needs. Managing their dental concerns before they grow more severe can make their future dental health much better.

To help provide your child with a healthy smile that they can be proud to show, please call us on (08) 8373 1363 or contact us here.