Look after your braces

What’s the use of having a straight smile if you don’t care for your teeth?

Looking after your teeth is an essential part of daily living, and for those patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, maintaining your oral health is even more essential…

Here at Victoria Park Dental Specialists in Adelaide, we love providing our patients with beautiful straight smiles but hate seeing them uncared for. For those patients who wish to undergo orthodontic treatment, dental hygiene should be a top priority. If you are choosing to invest in your smile you should make it worth your while, because when your treatment ends we want you smiling wide with a beautiful bright smile.

Some simple steps to look after your teeth while you have braces:

  1. Rinse– after your meals we recommend rinsing with water to remove some of the food caught between your teeth and wires or around your brackets.
  2. Brush– brushing your teeth while you have braces is extremely important, while it takes some time to get used to working around the brackets after time it will feel like normal. Some tips to help you get the hang of it include:
    1. Begin with the brackets closest to your gums and position the bristle facing upward towards the bracket, brush thoroughly
    2. Repeat this process for the tips of your teeth
    3. Brush the front of the brackets and all around (like you would before you had braces)
    4. Brush the lingual side of your teeth (inside teeth)
    5. Brush your tongue
  3. Floss– that’s right you can floss with braces, you can fit the floss between your tooth and the wire and floss as normal, this may be time-consuming but could save you from developing even more time-consuming gum disease.
  4. Gargle– Gargling with salt water helps eliminate disease and clean around your braces, it can also help heal those small sores caused by the brackets.
  5. Eat smart– When you are undergoing orthodontic treatment there are some restrictions, try to stay clear from hard food that could break a bracket and if you have a sweet tooth ensure you are rinsing or brushing after consumption.

By avoiding proper care you could be ruining your new smile

If you have chosen to invest in a straighter smile then you should invest the time in ensuring it looks the way you want when your treatment is over.

Failure to properly clean your teeth could lead to patchy colouring as the spots covered by your braces will remain the original colour (pre-braces) however the remainder of your teeth will be susceptible to colour changes and staining from the food you consume.

For more information on braces aftercare or to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to call (08) 8373 1363 or contact us online.