How to take Care of your braces

It is recommended that you brush and floss after every meal and before you go to bed.

It is very important that you keep your braces, as well as your teeth clean as cavities can form. Some orthodontics will prescribe a fluoride toothpaste with 4% fluoride to boost the strength of teeth.

Your orthodontist can instruct you on how to clean your braces properly. Using a regular toothbrush first is recommended and you should brush your teeth how you would normally. Your orthodontist may give you a special orthodontic toothbrush to clean in those hard to reach places and under the wires. Other cleaning tools you may want to consider using include a Waterpik, interdental brushes, electric toothbrush, rubber tips, floss-threaders.

Remember that certain types of food can damage or even break your braces. Food to avoid are chewing gum, anything sticky, gooey or over crunchy. Cut up apples and carrots and other foods that you would usually use your front teeth to bite with. Avoiding these types of food will ensure that you won’t knock your front braces off. Try to avoid smoking too. As discolouration can occur and when the braces are removed it is likely that you will be left with small white squares from where the braces had been.