Victoria Park Dental Specialists Now Quality Innovation Performance Accredited

We pride ourselves on providing quality, excellence and innovative treatments at our Adelaide dental practice…

To help ensure Victoria Park Dental Specialists in Adelaide is providing the highest quality treatments and services we have become Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) accredited. With this accreditation, we ensure that the standards we are providing are of the highest level.

What is a QIP accreditation?

This regulatory body is a not-for-profit health promotion charity designed to provide community service accreditation. QIP formed in 2012 as a result of a merger between Australia’s four major primary care accreditors and remains today for the purpose of raising standards in Australia.

QIP accreditation is an independent recognition of an organisation, whereby the services, programs and activities are assessed as meeting the standards of their defined criteria. What this means is that organisations with this accreditation can assure and measure their level of quality and performance.

The importance of standards…

In organisations that involve services, especially those within the health industry, having quality control is extremely important. QIP is a certification and accreditation organisation that assesses quality improvement related training and capacity building.

QIP also plays a significant role in developing standards and influencing the development of standards and quality improvement frameworks for many industries.

When you come to Victoria Park Dental Specialists you can feel confident about our standards…

As a QIP accredited organisation, we are proud to have had our dental practice assessed and given the green light for accreditation. What this means for our patients is that they can feel confident knowing that our standards are high and quality in practice is assured.

World class facility with world class accreditation…

Victoria Park Dental Specialists is a comfortable and inviting environment; our Adelaide practice will make your trips to the orthodontist enjoyable. Designed for your comfort and wellbeing in mind, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the high-quality orthodontic care. At Victoria Park Dental Specialists we ensure that we stay up to date on the latest in orthodontic technology, techniques and treatment to ensure we are providing treatment to the highest degree. With our QIP accreditation, we are not only leaders in technology but service and quality also. We are constantly aiming to improve and advance our products and services which is why we opted to become QIP accredited and why we are continuously looking for more innovative techniques and technology.

Services that meet the needs of our patients…

At Victoria Park Dental specialists we put our patient’s needs first, that is why we offer treatment options to suit our patients’ many lifestyles. These treatments include:

  • Early Intervention Orthodontics– This treatment can be greatly beneficial for children as it allows us to identify key issues in their initial stages before they become problematic.
  • Orthodontics for Teens As your teen’s jaws are still developing it is much easier for their teeth to be guided into the correct position to align their smile and bite.
  • Orthodontics for Adults– We offer a wide range of treatments for adults who want to straighten their smiles discreetly and affordable. We pride ourselves on providing results of the highest calibre.
  • Orthognathic Surgery– A treatment for jaw correction is often used in conjunction with traditional orthodontics to align the teeth and correct their jaw simultaneously.
  • Originator – Orthodontic technology that uses a simple aesthetic system that corrects minor to moderate crowding or spacing of the teeth.
  • Invisalign– Uses clear aligner trays instead of traditional orthodontics to align the smile to the optimal position.
  • Orthodontic Appliances– We offer a range of orthodontic appliances that may be required throughout the course of your treatment.


For more information about QIP accreditation visit the QIP website or contact us at Victoria Park Dental Specialist