The team visit the Southside Clinic for an afternoon of wellbeing

“If my team are healthy and happy, this will be reflected in their patient care” – Dr Helen Mclean

On Monday, May 8th the Victoria Park Dental Specialists team took part in an afternoon of health and wellbeing at the Southside Clinic in Unley. The Southside Clinic was established by Dr Andrea Robertson as a multi-functional clinic combining osteopathy services, nutrition, pilates, yoga, and extend barre classes.

The workshop included a number of activities and the team was educated on the importance of maintaining a high level of mobility and total body wellbeing.

southside clinic unley

Nutrition and naturopathy

The team learned the effect sugar can have on their body and how it affects you throughout the workday. We’re often guilty of handing out treats around the office ourselves and it was definitely a valuable insight into how and why the body reacts to these sorts of treats.

southside clinic unley naturopathy

Yoga and stretching

One of the growing concerns around the Victoria Park office is the way in which the team spends the day sitting in the office and leaning over patients. Correct posture is incredibly important for maintaining healthy movement and productivity throughout the day. When our team feels physically tired through incorrect posture, it radiates to our patients.

We practised yoga and learned a number of useful stretches to be used throughout the workday.

southside clinic unley yoga

Dr Andrea Robertson and the Southside Clinic team

Dr Helen Mclean and the Victoria Park Dental Specialists team are in full support of the work of Dr Andrea Robertson. Promoting health and well-being throughout the community is of high importance to the Victoria Park Dental Specialists team and ensuring we are healthy and happy will be reflected in our patient care.

Stay tuned for a guest blog from Dr Andrea Robertson, reflecting on her experience in the industry and the importance of staying healthy and happy in the workplace.