Help us celebrate World Orthodontic Health Day!

WOHD helps promote the importance of orthodontic care

The 15th of May, 2017 marks the inaugural World Orthodontic Health Day (WOHD). WOHD is an initiative of the World Federation of Orthodontics and it marks the signing of the WFO’s charter in 1995 during the 4th International Orthodontic Conference.

WFO fellows are encouraged to plan activities around WOHD which may be promotional or scientific in nature. In doing so, practices such as Victoria Park Dental Specialists can not only educate current patients on their own treatments but also work to spread awareness throughout the local community.

Tips to keep your teeth healthy this World Orthodontic Health Day

If you already have braces or some sort of orthodontic appliance, you should already be taking the necessary steps to keep your teeth healthy and straight. For those of you who are looking to start your orthodontic journey, don’t click away now; these tips could help you decide which treatment may be best suited to your specific condition.

Prepare an ‘on-the-go’ kit

One of the biggest excuses people use when not taking appropriate care of their teeth during orthodontic treatment is that they’re too busy to be constantly brushing and flossing. If you prepare a small kit with a travel size toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste, there is no excuse for not brushing in between meals.

Don’t play with a broken bracket or wire

If you break a wire or bracket on your braces, it’s always recommended you don’t play with it. This includes constantly bending, pulling, or touching it. When a bracket or wire breaks, don’t panic. Call your orthodontist as soon as possible and cover any sharp edges with wax or wet cotton.

Watch what you eat

Braces and other orthodontic appliances are susceptible to breaking if you’re eating foods such as hard lollies, nuts, ice, and popcorn. You should try to avoid these altogether. Sugary, chewy, and starchy foods also cause plaque to build up around the brackets which can cause staining, cavities and even lead to gum disease. If you want to begin eating healthier and are looking to straighten your teeth, maybe orthodontic treatment could also be a good excuse to kick-start your way to a healthier diet.

Put an end to thumb sucking

Creating unusual pressure on growing gums, such as thumb sucking can cause teeth to grow out of shape or erupt at a crooked angle. Weaning children off thumb sucking, dummies, or sucking on objects are encouraged to reduce their risk of crooked teeth in the future.

World Orthodontic Health Day at Victoria Park Dental Specialists

Victoria Park Dental Specialists are proud to support WOHD. We strive to educate our own patients and the community about the importance of orthodontic treatment at all stages of life. Whether it be prevented through early intervention, treatment for children and teens, or discreet and comfortable options for adults, Victoria Park Dental Specialists offer a range of options for each.

For any orthodontic concerns or treatment advice, contact the friendly team at Victoria Park Dental Specialists today!