Bright Pink Lipstick Day

Wearing braces can make you feel awkward when smiling… Make your braces less noticeable with lipstick!

At Victoria Park Dental Specialists, we joined the Australian Society of Orthodontists in their support of Bright Pink Lipstick Day. This is an initiative of Pink Hope – a preventative health charity working to ensure people can access, manage and reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Their yearly campaign is focused on support and making sure families facing hereditary cancer have a day to be heard.

We hope to contribute to everyone sharing a conversation with their family about their own health history.

Investigating your family’s history of breast and ovarian cancer is the first step in determining your own level of risk when it comes to hereditary breast and ovarian health. While that may sound a little daunting, this knowledge can give you the choice to take steps to reduce your risk.

Talk about your family health history today.

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