What can’t you eat with braces?

Braces and other orthodontic treatments produce beautiful straight smiles.

But like most things in life, to achieve the smile you desire you have to make a few sacrifices on the way.

Here at Victoria Park Dental Specialists in Adelaide we want to help you keep your smile healthy these Christmas holidays while you or your children are wearing braces.

We’ve organised a list of foods that you can’t eat with your braces and included a few helpful recipes so you can still enjoy your favourite things without damaging your braces or teeth.

What not to eat with braces

Now that Christmas is only just around the corner, it’s important to consider the different meals and snacks that you are planning to prepare. First off, let’s begin with the foods that you should really steer clear of:

·         Lollies

Christmas is often associated with Christmas lollies like candy canes and boiled or chewy sweets. We understand we are in the season to enjoy a few indulging goodies, but when braces are involved there are a few guidelines that think should be taken into consideration.

Hard lollies – Along with Christmas treats like White Christmas, hard lollies can bend wires, pop brackets and damage the braces. By staying away from these, you can avoid spending extra cash on having them repaired.

Chewy lollies – Aside from being chocked full of sugar, chewy lollies like caramels and fantails can pull your braces way form our teeth and get caught in your teeth. If not cleaned away properly, the sugar can cause decay and discolouration.

·         Popcorn

Similar to chewy lollies, popcorn can become caught in-between your teeth and if you chewed on a hard piece you can easily break one of your braces.

·         Ice cubes

When you chew on ice you risk damage to both our braces and your teeth. If you break your braces on ice you may be racking up some serious dental bills, especially if that accidental damage leads to broken teeth.

Be careful with…

·         Stone fruits and hard veggies

Although carrots are great for your health, raw veggies and fruits are crunchy and can damage the braces quite easily if you aren’t careful. By boiling your veggies or cutting them into small pieces, you can work to avoid damage.

Bites to eat with braces for Christmas

Thankfully your Christmas feast doesn’t have to be diluted with plain foods. Here are a few braces-friendly recipes that we found from Pretend Health Freak to keep your smile healthy on Christmas day.

Raw Vegan ‘Bounty’ 

For a treat that is naturally sweetened and braces-friendly, Pretend Health Freak has the perfect alternative to White Christmas and candy destruction. Not only is it great on your braces but it caters for all types of people. Fructose-free, vegan and absolutely delicious!


Inside: 2 C Shredded Coconut, 3 T Rice Malt Syrup, 2 T Almond Milk (or water).  Outside: 3 T Coconut Oil, 2 T Rice Malt Syrup, 1 T Cacao Powder, 1/2 T Nut Butter.

Enjoy by the pool as a snack or as an after dessert treat with some sherry brandy for the ultimate chocolaty white Christmas experience.

Vegan Pumpkin Soup

Dive into a healthy delight with this vegan-friendly pumpkin soup recipe. By roasting your veggies before processing them, you can still achieve that roast dinner Christmas taste without losing much of the nutritional value.


1 Butternut Pumpkin, 2 Onions, 1 Sweet Potato, 1 Parsnip, 4 C Natural Reduced Salt Vegetable Stock. Roast vegetables, cool, and process with stock.

Pumpkin is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and thanks to the smooth texture of the soup, your braces will suffer no damage.

Quinoa & Vegetable Muffins

Go savoury with these healthy muffins. Back them up a bit of mash potato and some steamed veggies for a main if you want to go full vego.


1 1/2 C Water 1/2 C Quinoa 4 Eggs 1/4 C Sunflower Oil 1/2 Small Cauliflower (chopped into small pieces) 2 Grated Carrots 1 Grated Green Apple 1 Grated Zuchinni 1/4 C Fresh Chives 1/2 t Pepper

Quinoa is rich in manganese, fibre, iron and protein. These are gentle on the teeth and body.

Take care of your braces at Victoria Park Dental Specialists in Adelaide

Braces are only temporary but your teeth are for life! Take care of your braces and smile together with gentle foods and healthy snacks.

So what else can you not eat with braces & what else can you eat with braces?

For more information on the different foods you can and can’t eat when you have braces, book a consultation with Victoria Park Dental Specialists in Adelaide.