Give the gift of giving this Christmas

Dr Helen McLean and the whole team at Victoria Park Dental Specialists are passionate about helping those who are less fortunate to access the dental treatment they need. Each and every year we participate in a range of charitable initiatives to help those in need to access the dental care they need and deserve.

This year we’re also throwing our support behind the Adelaide Dental School’s Community Outreach Dental Program, and we would like to encourage our patients to join us in supporting this very worthwhile cause.

The Adelaide Dental School Community Outreach Dental Program

Launched in 2011, this program provides essential dental and other health care to hundreds of at-need people who may be homeless, or are simply experiencing difficulty accessing the care they need through conventional routes.

In South Australia, there are more than 7500 homeless people, for whom oral health hygiene issues are very common. Unfortunately, the waiting lists for them to receive treatment in the public system can stretch into the years.

It’s now well known that dental health and overall health are intrinsically linked, and when there is a problem with one, the other will also suffer. This program can significantly improve the oral and overall health of homeless and otherwise at-risk people.

Give a gift with true meaning

Do you have someone in your life who you always struggle to find a gift for? Someone who really has no needs or wants? This Christmas, instead of buying them another box of chocolates, why not give them a gift with true meaning and donate to the Adelaide Dental School’s Community Outreach Dental Program!

Donating is simple; just follow this link and complete the details. You’re able to use your credit card to make the donation, and you’ll receive an electronic receipt. You also have the option to give now, make scheduled payments, or make the donation a perpetual gift.