How to straighten your teeth without braces

Do you feel like you’ve missed the window of opportunity when it comes to braces?

Even as a kid the prospect of a ‘metal mouth’ was a cringe-worthy thought and now with a few more years on you, the idea of braces couldn’t be less inviting… but what if there was another way?

Introducing Invisalign and Originator, available from Victoria Park Dental Specialists

Did you know that about 1 in 5 orthodontic patients are adults? Thanks to continual advancements in orthodontic design and technology, adults can now have the option to potentially straighten their teeth discreetly without their friends and colleagues noticing.

Every patient’s treatment may vary depending on the complexity of the case. The following article will cover the different treatments available from Victoria Park Dental Specialists and discuss the reasons why one treatment may or may not be appropriate for
your smile.

Invisalign – the clear choice

Using a series of clear aligner trays to subtly correct misalignment and crowding, Invisalign is clinically proven to achieve results.

Where to start when it comes to your smile

If you want to straighten your teeth the best place to start is by booking a consultation. During your initial consultation, our team will assess your teeth and bite and determine whether or not an aligner treatment will be appropriate for your smile.

Why would an invisible aligner treatment not be suitable?

Although aligners are a great solution for general misalignment problems, they are not always best for patients who have bite or jaw malocclusion concerns. This is because aligners can’t quite do all the things braces can do.

As every patient’s smile differs from person to person, it’s hard to say exactly why aligners wouldn’t be able to resolve your problems. Despite this, during your consultation and dental exam, we will make sure we inform you on why the treatment is or isn’t suitable prior to commencing any sort of treatment.

The treatment design and process

The clear aligners used for these two treatments are able to provide a virtually seamless cover for your smile as they are custom designed to closely hug the outline of your teeth.

After our orthodontic specialist Dr Helen McLean & her team are sure the treatment is suitable, she will take a series of moulds of your upper and lower teeth. Your aligner trays will then be designed and fabricated using medical-grade plastic materials to suit your unique smile. During your treatment, there are usually around 18-36 different aligners that are generally updated every couple of weeks over 12-24 months.

For the treatment to be effective, it’s important that you wear your aligners between 20-22 hours per day. The best thing about this treatment is often that the aligners can be removed for meals and when you brush your teeth, so no ugly staining or diet restrictions are necessary.

What are the other benefits of clear aligners?

Aside from being able to eat what you like and being able to brush and floss thoroughly and easily, clear aligners are beneficial because:

  • They are comfortable
  • They are virtually invisible
  • They are removable for social events
  • They won’t tear at the soft tissues in the mouth

Would you like to straighten your teeth and smile?

Don’t allow crooked or misaligned teeth to leave you feeling embarrassed about your smile. Contact our team at Victoria Park Dental Specialists in Adelaide on (08) 8373 1363 today and find out how we can put the shine back into your smile.