Healthy, Straight Teeth That Last a Lifetime

Orthodontic treatments to establish and maintain your oral health for life.

Orthodontic treatments ensure that you have an aesthetically pleasing, whilst orally functioning, smile. At Victoria Park Dental Specialists our team works to establish a healthy smile utilizing orthodontic treatments that address oral disorders in children, adolescents and fully matured adults.

The permanent success of our orthodontic treatments is reliant upon the complete understanding and co-operation between our professional dentists and valued clients. Keeping this understanding at the forefront of our work, the dedicated team at Victoria Park Dental Specialists are committed to establishing an excellent long-term relationship with patients.

Our variety of early treatments, adult treatments and orthognathic surgeries ensure that our respected clients get the highest quality treatment, tailored to meet their specific requirements.


Early Orthodontic treatments to ensure a long-life for your healthy teeth

Orthodontic disorders often occur at a young age, thus the knowledgeable dental professionals at Victoria Park Dental Specialists are committed to establishing excellent oral health from an early age.

Beginning treatment at an early age often yields the best success when establishing and maintaining oral health. This developmental stage in a child’s orthodontic wellbeing is an ideal time to make improvements and safeguard the future of your child’s teeth. Working in-step with the recommendations of The Australian Association of Orthodontics, we suggest that initial evaluation should take place in the first instance of orthodontic issues presented at the age of severing or eight.

Early treatment can ensure a number of results are attained, including the:

  • Creation of room for crowded and erupting teeth
  • Establishment of facial symmetry, influenced by jaw growth
  • Creation and maintenance of space reserved for un-erupted teeth
  • The decrease in the potential need for later tooth removal
  • Shortening of potential treatment time for braces
  • Reduction of the risks of trauma to protruding front teeth

Early treatment is often far less costly than later restorative treatment and as such, it is advisable that you address your child’s dental issues at an early age. The team of dental professionals here at Victoria Park Dental Specialists pride themselves on their ability to ease and guide parents and their children into a fruitful dental relationship that can ensure your child’s dental health lasts a lifetime.


Don’t let your age rob you of a beautiful smile

While early intervention often produces the most effective results, the team at Victoria Park Dental Specialists can help you attain perfect dental health along with an aesthetically pleasing smile at any age.

A healthy and beautiful smile can enhance not only your self-confidence but also your general wellbeing. At Victoria Park Dental Specialists we have found that one in five orthodontic patients are adults, with this number growing every day.

Taking into consideration your professional life, Victoria Park Dental Specialists can offer you a range of cosmetic orthodontic options that allow you to continue to lead your normal life, whilst discreetly straightening your teeth. From Modern Braces to Invisible Aligners, our team can tailor a treatment program to suit your specific requirements.

Are you showing signs of orthodontic problems that could be traced to an underlying jaw disorder?

Orthognathic surgery can address these symptoms while also treating the source of the problem. Often used in conjunction with orthodontic treatments, Orthognathic surgery can improve and re-establish the relationship between both your jaw and your teeth. While the surgery can aid in the alignment of your upper and lower teeth, the main corrective focus of this procedure is on the relationship between your upper and lower jaw. The benefits of this realignment of your upper and lower jaw can be dramatic. The results of treatment can provide a more balanced facial profile while improving your lip posture and jaw function.

Allow our team to reinvent the way you feel about your smile

The team at Victoria Park Dental Specialists are committed to providing you with excellent dental health while perfecting the appearance of your smile. We will ensure that you are made to feel at home and comfortable during a visit to any of our locations, extending this throughout the duration of your dental relationship with us. Staying informed with the latest dental developments, along with maintaining state-of-the-art dental machinery, Victoria Park Dental Specialists are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality orthodontic procedures. Dr Helen McLean and Dr Sara Roberts, along with our team of dental professionals, are dedicated to remaining one of the leaders in orthodontic treatments.

Contact Victoria Park Dental Specialists today on (08) 8373 1363 to schedule an appointment at any of our three locations and open the doors to a beautiful smile for yourself or your child.