Orthodontic Appliances Tailored to Your Needs

Orthodontic appliances to enhance and prolong the beauty of your smile

Your teeth have the potential to endure a lifetime worth of wear providing that you give them the opportunity to do so. While orthodontic treatments can restore and enhance the appearance of your smile, they can also improve your oral health and prevent future deterioration. There are a number of innovative and technologically progressive orthodontic appliances that can correct your oral function and transform the appearance of your teeth.

Here at Victoria Park Dental Specialists, we offer our valued clients a number of dynamic, effective and even virtually invisible orthodontic treatments in alignment with the latest technological developments in the orthodontic industry. Focused on straightening your teeth while altering the bone growth occurring in your mouth, Orthodontic work can provide you with a number of aesthetic and functional benefits. These benefits include a reduction in your chance of developing decay, gum disease and injury, along with making your teeth easier to clean.


 Making Modern and Cosmetic Braces work for you

Braces are an extremely effective method of straightening your teeth as they function by gently providing pressure on your teeth, promoting the movement of your teeth into their desired position. Beneficial to people of all ages, braces can have a varied duration time depending on the nature of your particular oral condition. While the procedure of braces is most desirably performed on younger individuals, this treatment is effective for adults and children alike.

If aesthetic concerns are holding you back from receiving the orthodontic work you require, our team of dental professionals at Victoria Park Dental Specialists can provide you with a cosmetic solution. Aesthetic braces offer the same benefits as Modern Braces however they offer a more discreet option for straightening your teeth. In this treatment metal, brackets are replaced with tooth coloured or clear brackets, offering you a considerably more discreet option.

Straighten your teeth with virtually invisible aligners

Practically indistinguishable, Invisible Aligners can dramatically alter the appearance of your smile without impacting your appearance. Invisible Aligners are a progressive and technologically advanced alternative to braces, suited best for individuals with minor tooth alignment issues. This treatment requires no metal brackets or wires to straighten your teeth. Instead, we use a series of clear and removable custom-made aligners to achieve the desired result.

Applying a mild amount of pressure on your teeth, Invisible Aligners need to be changed approximately every four weeks. A distinctive advantage of this method of teeth straightening is the removable nature of the treatment. You can enjoy your favourite foods and ensure you are maintaining the highest level of oral health as you remove and reinsert the Invisible Aligners.

The role of Functional Appliances and Retainers in maintaining a healthy smile

Functional appliances are an acrylic (plastic) and wire-based treatment that utilise the grown potential of the jaw to correct the upper and lower jaw relationship. This treatment also minimises the risk of damage to your teeth. Often used in conjunction with braces, this procedure is most commonly implemented at an early age.

On completion of any of our Modern or Cosmetic Braces, we also offer our clients retainers to ensure that your beautiful smile stays with you for life. Retainers keep teeth in their intended position, giving the bones, muscles and ligaments time to adapt to their new position. There are a number of different retainers available, ensuring that our team at Victoria Park Dental Specialists can tailor a treatment that meets your individual needs. The most common retainers offered are Clear Retainers, Plate Retainers and Bonded Retainers.

Do you need simple tipping or tilting of your teeth to attain your straightest smile?

Removable Appliances can be highly effective, providing that they are worn when instructed. The dental team here at Victoria Park Dental Specialists makes developing a healthy and educational dental relationship with our clients a priority. This professional relationship ensures that you and your dentist share a common understanding of your treatment plan when suggesting Removable Appliances. There are a number of different options when considering Removable Appliances to suit each client’s individual needs, this is something to discuss with your dentist when you visit.


A narrow jaw can make for a crowded mouth

Your jaw alignment is crucial for not only the oral function but also the aesthetic symmetry and appearance of your mouth and face. Maxillary Expansion Appliances most commonly target the expansion of the upper jaw in relation to its lower counterpart. An expansion is often required to aid an underdeveloped jaw’s poor bite. The treatment of a narrow jaw can help our valued clients avoid future tooth extractions while often improving their breathing. With a vast range of Maxillary Expansion Appliances, our team of trained professionals here at Victoria Park Dental Specialists can assist you in finding one to correct your specialized jaw misalignment.

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