Nervous about braces?

 Orthodontic treatment is increasingly common in this day and age, especially for teenagers. However, as common as braces are many people undergoing treatment can often feel worried or anxious about the process.

Teenagers especially can feel very hesitant when it comes to braces. Having such a drastic change in your mouth may seem quite daunting. It’s important in the early stages that the treatment is clearly discussed and there is understanding of how braces work. You may even discover that a more discreet orthodontic option can be pursued, such as Invisalign, which uses clear aligner tray technology. Furthermore, from taking a look at our smile gallery it will be clear that having this treatment will well be worth it for a set of beautifully straight teeth.

Do braces hurt?

Of course, the pain is also a concern. However, pain or discomfort is only a temporary factor as your mouth gets used to that first tightening and adjustment. Within a few days of having the braces applied, the pain will well a truly be gone.

For budding musicians, contrary to what others may have said, there’s no need to worry. Any woodwind or brass players don’t need to fret when it comes to orthodontics. Though it may feel strange at first, you can still play your instrument with braces. If it is a real concern, there are a number of mouthpieces that can serve as a more comfortable alternative.


What about adult braces?

Of course, teenagers aren’t the only ones who may need dental attention. If you’re an adult and would like a set of gorgeous straight teeth, then orthodontics is a viable option.

There’s no need to feel nervous about the procedure. At present, approximately one in five orthodontic patients are adults. Not to mention, with advancement in orthodontic technology there are plenty of options that leave your treatment practically non-visible to the naked eye.

Benefits of straight teeth

Aside from aesthetics, having straight teeth is also beneficial to your overall oral health. Crooked teeth are far more difficult to clean whereas straight teeth minimize surface area and decrease your chance of disease or illness. Straightening your smile will also correctly align your bite, which can drastically improve your speech and oral functions.


Do I need braces or Invisalign?

As previously mentioned, there are many orthodontic options available. Each and every patient’s situation is carefully considered so that the perfect solution can be tailored to your needs. Minor adjustments can be easily fixed with Originator technology, more crooked smiles with Invisalign, and teeth alignment and jaw correction with braces. So there are plenty of choices when it comes to your treatment.

As you can tell, when it comes to orthodontics there is no need to be worried. At Victoria Park Dental Specialists we will ensure that your treatment is comfortable and catered to your specific needs. If you have further questions about the different types of orthodontics available then don’t hesitate to contact us or book an appointment at (08) 8373 1363.