One lasting red carpet trend is a poised, happy smile. Now, this is a trend you can wear too.

While we usually associate braces with our awkward teenage phases, in reality, a beautiful, healthy smile is achievable at any age. Take movie star, Tom Cruise, who had clear ceramic braces put on at the age of 39 to correct his teeth misalignment. This discreet option gave him the confidence to smile during his treatment and left him with a dazzling Hollywood smile upon its conclusion. At Victoria Park Dental Specialists, a range of different treatment options for adults are available to suit your lifestyle or professional needs.


Whether for cosmetic or functional reasons, orthodontic treatments have many benefits at any age and it is never too late to make the most of them. Teeth are constantly subjected to everyday wear and tear through activities like eating, drinking, talking and even sleeping, and it is vital that they are properly looked after. Braces can not only improve the look of your smile, they also can improve the health of your teeth and gums and help to prevent future damage.

Some of the impacts of a misaligned mouth:

-Crooked or overlapping teeth are more difficult to properly clean, hindering optimal oral hygiene and can cause problems such as cavities and disease.

-Under or overbites (known as Malocclusions) can impact on proper speech, face shape and proportion, and on dental function.

– Incorrect teeth and jaw alignment can cause significant damage in the event of a mouth trauma, potentially damaging the cheeks, lips and mouth.


Orthodontic treatments are highly successful at creating a beautiful smile regardless of age.

For some adults, the thought of wearing noticeable, ‘embarrassing’ metal wires for an extended period is enough to put them off. However, advancements in orthodontic treatments mean that straightening teeth no longer have to be an ordeal.

Ceramic braces as seen on celebrities including Tom Cruise are a popular option for adult patients as they are made to be a similar colour to the patient’s teeth and are less noticeable than their metal alternative. Providing all the moving and moulding power of traditional braces, they can effectively correct misaligned or overcrowded teeth and severe malocclusions.

Fitting over teeth like a clear mouthguard or retainer with no wires or metal, Invisalign is another popular treatment. It is an option for those who already have a correct bite and are instead seeking to straighten their teeth. If your career or self-esteem will not permit visible orthodontic treatments, Invisalign is a comfortable, discreet and removable option that can transform your smile without transforming your day-to-day.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff on (08) 8373 1363 to organise a consultation to determine the treatment option that is best for you. Alternatively, you can download our FREE Adult Orthodontics Guide for information on the treatment, duration and benefits of creating your smile at Victoria Park Dental Specialists.